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Updated December 24, 2021
  Laser light

Image: Laser light, described in 1917 by Albert Einstein (1879-1955), is blue, green or red, that is to say composed of a single color, all the other colors being subtle mixtures of colors.
In 1960, the American physicist Théodore Maiman (1927-2007) obtained for the first time a laser emission by means of a ruby crystal.

From radio waves to x-rays

Image: Cycle times, from nanosecond to zeptosecond, or from radio waves to X-rays.

  Laser cutting

Image: Laser cutting

Nuage électronique prise au laser

Image: Electronic cloud taken with an attosecond laser. We see here the characteristic structure of the orbital of the nitrogen molecule N2. The first image is the calculated image, the second is the experimentally reconstructed image and the third image is theoretically reconstructed.


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