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Updated December 05, 2022

Image: At room temperature, the wavelength of the particles is extremely small (≈2x10−11 m).
When the temperature decreases, the speed of the particles decreases, the frequency decreases and the wavelength increases until it forms a giant wave.
Just as the speed of light cannot be exceeded, absolute zero is unreachable by matter.

  Birth of the Universe seen by the Planck mission

Image: The first glimmers of the observable universe seen by the Planck mission (March 2013).
This embryonic universe already has an incredible amount of detail.
The tiny temperature irregularities we see are the scars left by the quantum vacuum on the surface of spacetime. Each small pixel will evolve into clusters of galaxies (at this moment, the Milky Way is only a quantum fluctuation of the vacuum). Credit: ESA and Planck collaboration.


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